Got Balls and Nuts??? WE DO!!!

Just got done with the 1st leg (not 3rd, that’s to come) of the “Balls & Nuts” Tour – Wanna know how that name came about?  Well, we grabbed our balls (those great cake balls made by Gabby at Brew Ha!Ha! in Baton Rouge) and hit the road. After a great Labor Day weekend rockin’ the house at The Chill at the Imperial Palace Casino in Biloxi, we hit the road to Arkansas.

Our first stop was KWCK in Searcy, AR where we had a great visit with Heath on air at 7 AM.  It’s hard to be chipper at 7 AM, but when you arrive with “balls in hand” everyone’s happy!

Stopped at McDonalds for a quick coffee before runnin’ on to Conway and met “Summer” in line – Louisiana folks just seem to seek each other out!  I hope she’s calling that request line (501-279-7999)!

At Conway, we visited with JR at KCNY.

I learned that folks in these parts “Live, Laugh, & Love”, but have to go somewhere else to “Drink” since these are “dry counties” – somethin’ we don’t know much about in Louisiana!

We made it to Russellville, AR by lunch and had a great lunch at a local restaurant, “Stoby’s”.  The food was good, but the waitress Andrea was great

and she got us out just in time for our visit with Jarrett, “The Wild Man”, at KCJC.  Another really fun visit – we talked music & football, of course.  It’s that time of the year.

After that, we stopped in at KTCS in Fort Smith and KIX 104 in Fayetteville, AR.  Ms. Sharon at KIX was such a sweetheart and told us what a “snaky road” it was to Harrison, so we decided to hang in Fayetteville for the evening.  Seemed like a good place to “Live, Laugh, Love, & Drink”, especially, since my co-writer for the single, Rick Garoutte, lived just down the road in Rodgers, AR.  After a few beers at Louie’s (which stimulated some more great song ideas, of course) – it was a good thing we stayed in Fayetteville!  If you are ever in Louie’s, make sure to tell Mandy and the other great waitresses that David sent ya’!

The next morning, we headed to Harrison, AR (really glad we did not drive it in the dark – it was rough enough at 5 AM!)  We arrived just in time for our 7AM with “Dr. Dave” at KBCN.  It was a wild and crazy fun visit – and, so glad we still “had our balls.”  What a great way to start the day, especially when Lisa, the Program Director, informed us that KBCN had added the single on Labor Day!  Yes, Lisa deserved a big hug!

Good news always makes ya’ hungry – so, “Dr. Dave” sent us for breakfast at “the best place ever, “Roosters”.  BBQ on your biscuits in the morning – Wow!

Thanks for breakfast guys!

So, with food in our bellies and balls in the car, we drove on to Mexico (Missouri, that is).  Arrived just in time for lunch across the street from the station.  Then,  on to KWWR with Mark Robertson.

The interview will be aired locally and streamed last Monday at noon on their “New Artists at noon program”.

After a late night and early morning, we were really glad to arrive in Warrenton for the night.  Had a nice relaxing dinner with my friend, Shane (who designed all of my websites) and my friend, Glenn (who worked Radio for me during Nashville Star in 2007.

It was nice to wake up in Warrenton, MO and just head on down to the station KFAV “Today’s Hot Country” to meet with Mike Thomas.  Great visit – we had so much in common!

Moving on to Farmington, MO to KTJJ (J98 The Boot) for 11 AM visit with Scott Kabala.  I was “on air” with Tom Lively.

The tour ended up in Crossville, TN at WOWF, “WOW Country, 102.5” and we had a great visit with Gordon Stack.

Now, back to Nashville for the LSU/Vandy game and a big after party at the Red Rooster!

What a great way to end the first leg of our radio tour…….and, our balls made it the whole way – we still had a couple balls and a lotta nuts when it was all over –

To keep up with the “Balls & Nuts” tour, subscribe to and we’ll keep you posted on when the 2nd leg begins!  You can also follow me at, and join me on facebook at for all the latest info.

Also, sure could use all the fans in these areas to call and request “Live, Laugh, Love, & Drink”!

Thanks for your support and stay tuned,


Station……Location…………………….Request Line

KWCK       Searcy, AR                              501-279-7999

KCNY       Conway, AR                            501-932-0107

KCJC       Russellville, AR                     479-968-6821

KBCN       Harrison, AR                        870-743-1157

KWWR       Mexico, MO                         573-581-1800

KFAV Warrenton, MO – 877-259-7373, 636-377-2300

KTJJ       Farmington, MO                    573-756-6476

WOWF       Crossville, TN

Be sure to post your comments and thoughts (especially about the new single, “Live, Laugh, Love, & Drink”.  We want to know what you think!


3 Responses to “Got Balls and Nuts??? WE DO!!!”

  1. You’re such an inspiration to so many out there David. Keep up this great success and continue to reach for the goals that you well deserve. You’re an amazing artist and deserve to live, laugh, love and drink 🙂

  2. David,
    It is great to see that your years of hard work and dedication are finally paying off. You have an amazing gift to share with the world and it is time for you to get the success that you deserve. As you continue the climb up in your career everyone who meets you will see what a great artist and loving family man you are. Keep being yourself and all your dreams will come true.

  3. I love the song “Live, Laugh, Love and Drink!” Have a great time in Vegas and keep an eye on my pops haha. Good luck man, I’m proud of both of you 🙂

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