Radio, here I am…

First off, if you’re not following me on Twitter, you need to…

So roughly 45 days has gone by since we’ve talked and I’m excited about the upcoming add date.  That’s the day that we ask radio to add the single.  We’ve just begun combining our forces with folks from all over the music business.  It’s been an awesome experience meeting all these peeps and having them get geared up to go to work for us…

Look for more hints on the actual add date as we get closer to it.  I’ll be giving away a real cool prize to the person who can guess it…Don’t anyone post your responses on my wall, just send it in an email to Please include your full name, age & mailing address.  I promise you more contests and more chances to win cool things from myself and other artists…like, Blake Shelton, Whitney Duncan, Stephen Cochran, Ash Bowers, Danielle Peck, Randy Owen and whoever else I can swindle into playing along.  Be sure to send your guess into

“Come on ev’rybody raise your hands, If you’re a tiger fan”
Hell yes, College Football is back!!!!  I am so pumped up for Saturdays at Tiger Stadium.  I just wish I could be there for more of them… But I do look forward that I get to see some of the other schools and cities around the country this fall.  There’s just something about the fever that comes over me when I see the Tigers take the field.  I’m remixing “If You’re a Tiger Fan” for downloading very soon…look to hear it on Tiger Country 100.7 in Baton Rouge.  And don’t forget about “Geaux Tigers Beat Bama” when we face Bama this year.  We’re ready and I think after last nights’ opener, Coach Miles and the boys will be ready for a great season.

Leaves/Returns – New Orleans, LA
Jan 23-Jan 28
CALL ANDY FUENTES at Carnival for details…
EXT. 82349

Gonna be an awesome time so please jump aboard and join us…
See ya soon, in a town near you…DSR


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