Well, since I’ve last shared my feelings on what I thought my next steps should be and what direction they should go, I have surely lived up to my self made promises.  Finally, I can now say that this Fall 2009 you, the public will actually get a chance to hear a nationally released debut single.  Only after I was turned down again by the labels in Nashville for the 5th time that I realized I was going to have to do this myself in order to have the chance that I feel I deserve.  If it doesn’t work, then at least I can say that I tried.  We are launching the debut single “That’s Love”, which you can sample on and give your own feedback on it.  I am excited to be announcing this wonderful opportunity that I am being given by the great family and friends that I share my life with.  We should begin a cross-country radio tour next month and if all works just right, have the add date in late Sept.


2 Responses to “The NEW DSR ENT., LLC”

  1. I am thrilled for you. Patience does work wonders and your days will get even better. You definetely have the greatest attitude of not giving up and it will make you even stronger of a person. Keep it up. I can’t wait to hear DSR on my local station. Much love, Steph

  2. This is so exciting D!!!! Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns yourself:) Baton Rouge can’t wait!!! Today was my first time at this blog,and well worth the inspiration to follow your heart through the highs and the lows we all face with our passions….YOU were born to be on stage but I want to warn you…your daughter Bailey can ALREADY capture an audience (so know she’s on your heels) and she’s ONLY 2:) Can’t wait to see you all & hear you again! GEAUX TIGER!!!!!

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