The After Thoughts

So I’m walking off the stage thinking, WOW that couldn’t of gone any better. And it seems that the majority felt the same way. We got alot of feedback from different directions, some was good, some interesting. But I have to remember that all feedback is good and can teach me alot. At the end of the day the four labels that were there all unsurprisingly passed… I knew it is was probably gonna happen anyhow. If you had spoken to me that week before I bet I predicted that outcome to you. First off, I’m not gonna give a full lesson on the music business but I will say that there’s not alot of opportunity in these major labels anymore. You’re almost forced to do things yourself. Even the big guys have to do it that way. John Rich had to pay for the video of Save a horse because Warner Bros would not pay for what they wanted. And that’s the song that put them on the map…sometimes we just have to take the bull by the horn. I will not give up what is in me. In my blood, and in my soul. So we are making steps to prepare and release a single this year.
Regardless, with today’s technology like YouTube and social networking, like what you’re reading right now, us artists eventually won’t need those labels.
So that is where we are in the scheme of things…
And don’t forget about the shows coming up throughout the fall and the DSR Cruise in January 2010.
Here’s a link to help you find any info…

Oh and you can make your own call on the showcase:::)))))))

Peace out and I’ll see you soon,


One Response to “The After Thoughts”

  1. Beth Taner Says:

    Well,, first of all any label that won’t sign you is out of their minds. I loved you on Nashville Star and know that one of these days those labels are gonna see what they’re missing out on and come to their senses. I can’t wait to hear the single. Well just thought I’d let you know that lol. Your kids are adorable 🙂

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