This week in Baton Rouge

Man time flies by. Everytime I think I’m staying on top of this blog I find myself fallin behind. It’s already been a week and I’m sitting here contemplating why I’m in such a crabby mood today. I think I haven’t had enough good sleep
lately thanks to two small
munchkins…they’re so sweet when they
want to be. So last week was fairly
productive. I always try to make the
most out of my time in the ville. My manager has started his own mgt company and is now working with Broken Bow Records. We are showcasing for them and other labels on the 30th in Nashville and it’s hard after 13 yrs of trying to impress Nashville label execs to have any faith in them. But maybe this time it’ll be different. We’ll least yall can watch it no matter where you are. DSR Showcase Live Web broadcast
I ran into Randy Owen last week in town and what a pleasant surprise that was. He has been such an inspiration to me in so many ways. His wife just had surgery on her shoulder and is in pain during her recovery so yall please pray for a speedy one..
Well, some of you know that I’ve been writing a lot lately and in the last year I started writing with Dan Tyler, my mentor. Well he called me three weeks ago because he had a great idea for a song, what started as the Underwear song and now has become the title “Let’s Get Down”. I think this is the most original song I’ve ever written and so far all the folks that hear it have shown me that they love it too. We’ll be doing it at te showcase so if you haven’t heard it you’ll get your chance then. We played Monroe Friday night and I’ve never been in a place that stays empty until midnight then packs out for two hours. It was a little nerve racking, especially when the Molly Ringwalds were playing right down the road. It’s hard to compete with a dress up Duran Duran cover band. What real talent that takes… was fun though and Libby finally got to join us for a show. Oh and Melissa came down with us for the weekend too. That was a treat. Saturday nite was the first time I’d ever played Phil Bradys in Baton Rouge, which is surprising because I’ve played almost every place in BR. It was a good time and I think the entire crowd consisted of either family or someone I went to high school or college with.
So I’m spending this week in BR getting things accomplished here while Libby does her work. On my way to play golf, so I’ll catch yall later.. Please feel free to comment or ask me at questions you my have…peace out…DSR


One Response to “This week in Baton Rouge”

  1. Hopefully those Nashville execs will throw you a ball in your “field of dreams!” Prayin’ all goes well on the 30th! Keep on strokin’ DSR! 🙂

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