CMA FEST / And the weeks coming up

Well two weeks have gone by and I’m already slacking at this blogging thing.  If I only had more time to write down all the things in my head, I could actually give you something interesting to read.  These last two weeks have been pretty hectic hosting my mom here at the house and then straight into CMA festival week.  Not to mention I put a band together for a showcase that didn’t happen.  That’s a story in itself.  I started that week bowling for St. Jude and realized how much I missed being in front of those fans, the ones who really make an effort to be a part of country music.  If only ya’ll could have seen what I did on Thursday, it was hilarious.  I must have told 20 people about the Nashville Navy party being at 3rd & Lindsley.  Well, when I showed up at 5 pm, there wasn’t a soul around but a band setting up for the night.  I knew I screwed that pooch… A quick text to Jamie Foxx and I realized I was a dumb…  That night, I sang “The Underwear Song” and the reaction was priceless.  Not to mention it was good to see all my cruising friends there like Ruth & my boy from Seattle Tony Bridges.  The Fan Club party was awesome, but hot as hell in the patio of Loser’s.  I think we had like 35 peeps there.  Not bad for a last minute situation…Bailey was jamming along the entire time I sang at the party.  She held that mic like she owned it.  She does call it her mic.  She’s pretty amazing.  I think that place is almost becoming a 2nd home for me.  I played both Friday and Saturday night at Loser’s and both nights were packed.  Nothing like Tony Phillips standing on a chair strumming his guitar like a goober…j/k…those guys over there are the shizzznett for hookin me up the way they do.  So, I met with my manager yesterday and we’re having a showcase on the 30th of June for the record labels here in Nashville.  I’m hesitant to put any faith in getting a deal simply for the fact that I’ve been trying for 13 yrs to get Nashville labels to believe in me.  I may end up having to do it myself.  Raising the money and putting it out there is not that easy though, it’s a real hard road to break in, so I sure would rather not do it that way.  We’ll see…  At least I will know whether or not I will be doing it myself or not.  I was walking into the office this morning and ran into Randy Owen.  After a quick hello and a hug, he “rolled on”…haha…he was meeting with Clay Walker about something.  I don’t think I mentioned, but I was asked to create a jingle for a steakhouse out of Kearney, NE and I submitted my idea yesterday to the president and I’m patiently waiting to hear a response from them whether they like it or not.  I’m kinda nervous because I’ve never done that before.  But I really like what I came up with, so we’ll see.  We’ll, I’m off to Monroe this Friday then to play at Phil Brady’s Blues Bar in Baton Rouge on Saturday.  It should be a slammin crowd thanks to the friends and family comin out.  The next week we’ll spend in BR doing various things with the family.  I have a show on Tuesday night at Southpaw’s in Prairieville.  That’s a real quaint place.  And Ron Jon is the bombdiggity…That starts at 8pm.  Then Thursday through Saturday I’m performing at Imperial Palace Casino…Ya’ll come out now, you hear….Peace out,



One Response to “CMA FEST / And the weeks coming up”

  1. Rachel Reese Says:

    Love the beat of “Live Love Laugh & Drink”. Def a tune to snap your fingers to and get ya dancing. Something we Louisiana people know alot about..Live Love Laugh and Drink 🙂 Wishing you continued success and a safe journey on the Radio Tour David.

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