Moving into Day to Day


Moving into DAY to DAY, or really week to week…



DSR & Mel Tillis 5/28/09 Loser's Nashville, TN

I’ve missed my girls this week, although I feel like I achieved quite a bit while they were gone.  I remember last Sunday feeling kinda depressed after I was driving away from the airport.  I called Lapsley and tried to get him to come hang and keep me company.  Spent Memorial Day by myself between the computer and watching TV all day.  It was actually kinda peaceful to take a break.  While I’m hearing that Bailey is being bad for Libby, I’m chilling out relaxing, so that got me feeling bad for her.  Then Tuesday, after Charlie and I hung out at the crib Monday night, I woke up with a sense of direction again.  It’s so funny what that little bit of relaxing will do for your brain.  Spent most of Tuesday running around between the dentist and Salon Fx getting Barbara to do my do.  Then while jamming at Nero’s in Green Hills with Leith Lofton Tuesday night, Tommy Tutone showed up and had some quaint yet fun times with us.  Wrote my first song about undergarments this week thanks to Dan Tyler.  The actual title is “The Underwear Song”.  The recording has already begun, so it won’t be long folks, I promise.  After recording the drums with Marc Pisapia yesterday, we went to Joe’s house, his brother, of “Joe, Marc’s Brother” and I toured the new studio he’s been building for a year and let me tell you I can’t wait to make a record in there.  It is awesome!!!!  Mel Tillis graced us with his presence on Thursday night at Loser’s.  I got to accompany two songs on guitar for him. I’ll include the pics…for your pleasure…  Then played at Joe’s Place in town on Friday night, so I sure had a busy week while they were gone.  I would much rather them here, but I think after the weeks was over the girls enjoyed themselves at Poppee’s.   

This week, in advance…

I have moved the fan club party for scheduling reasons, so check that info out…ALSO…DSR Cruise 2010…SIGN UP NOW…

I play all 4 nights this week at Loser’s (Nashville) in place of Rhett Anthony from Gonzales, LA…thanks to him for the bread…Can’t wait to play ya’ll the new originals I’ve been recording…


Peace out,



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