Hello world, Here I Am!! DSR


Hello World, Here I Am!! DSR      


Well a friend of mine told me about this site and I have come to a growth point in my life and it’s time to share my true-life story with the world.  Blogging has never been my thing, I’ve always been nervous about telling my inner thoughts to the rest of society, nor did I ever think that anyone was even interested.  But I’m ready to give it try.  So, here we go:


Who am I?? I was born in Louisiana and anyone that meets me finds out that very quickly because I’m damn proud of where I’m from.  We have a history so immense and deep that the darkness in the roux is more than just color; it represents real life, culture, music, hard work but always good times.  I never grew up on a farm, always in a city; I was the result of a man and woman who cared nothing more than to make sure we all ate and had a roof over our heads.  Mom was bookkeeper and Dad always in sales.  My earliest memories are on Rue de La Place Road in Baton Rouge.  I have two older brothers who constantly were teaching me the mischievous things I could get away with.  In third grade, we moved to Florida due to the car business going to crap.  Spent six years in Vero Beach doing a lot of growing up and tryin to keep up with my brothers.  This was where and when my love for music began.  My mom got this free Silvertone guitar from a lady and we bought a Mel Bay book and I started learning how to play.  I was ten.  I remember being in fourth grade wanting to sing Love Bites by Def Leppard in the talent show.  Never made that happen, although in six grade I did make my singing career debut at St. Helen’s Catholic School talent show.  Carrie, by Europe was my choice.  I had em oohin and ahhin and I knew then that I wanted nothing else but to be on stage.  For the next four years I continued to sing and entertaining in different ways.  I even did musical theatre playing the lead role of Robin Hood.  You should’ve seen the tights.  We have all of this on tape for ya’lls blackmail.   I went to my first concert in 9th grade.  Metallica, G & R and Faith No More.  It was unreal.  Again, reiterating that I already had it in my head, I was ready to rock!!  I knew nothing else.  Moved my sophomore year back to Louisiana and I attended Menard Catholic High School for a year.  There I learned how persecution for spiritual belief is a very real deal.  How ironic that the kids in a Catholic school hated me because I loved praising the Lord more than getting hammered at the football games on Friday nights.  I spent that year doing praise and worship and opening my heart to God.  Then we moved again.  This time back to Baton Rouge where life started for me years before.  I began my junior year at Woodlawn High, home of the Panthers.  Moving so much taught me a lot.  I really believe that God prepared me for this life of struggle and triumph in music.  And I’m thankful that I am who I am.  I have never been scared to go anywhere, meet anyone, or take any size leap of faith.  He always meets me half way.  I continued writing the early story of “DSR” performing any chance I could cheesily do it by singing in the choir at school or even bringing out my guitar at lunch period and playing country songs for the girls, while pulling out a Metallica riff so I didn’t come off too gay to the dudes.  I always wanted everyone to like me, trying hard not to make enemies and knowing that some people might call me vein, but I always called it confidence.  So graduation came and I was off to Nashville to experience how much I didn’t know about the music business.  That move lasted a whole month and I was back in BR joining the National Guard to pay for college that next year.  Boy I’m glad I did that.  My leadership skills that I use now all came from my training in the military.  Although I didn’t have to do any hardships and I got out early thanks to a great commander and Dan Tyler, who I’ll tell you about later in the story, no one can take away the honor it was to serve for my country.  As you learn about me, you’ll find out that giving back to our service men and women is a big passion of mine and there will be many opportunities to be a part of helping our peeps. 

So there I was, 22, singing in a Ramada Inn lounge when in walks the guy who opened my first door in this bizz. David Hyde knew a writer named Dan Tyler who had some songs.  You know the old story.  So Dad spent a few bucks and Hyde and Nelson Blanchard recorded my 1st ever CD EP.  “Just As She Was Leaving” and “Chapter 7” were the hits.  A lot of you still love those songs.  And I will never forget the day I met Dan in Nashville and played him the copy we had just mastered.  I was so green and thought I was gonna be star in 6 months.  Dan had just finished working with a little girl named LeAnn Rimes.  Wilbur, her daddy and Dan went way back and she recorded a hit for him on her first album called “The Light In Your Eyes”.  He and I started a friendship that I still cherish to this day.  If I can call anyone my mentor, it’s Dan.  He’s a lawyer, publisher, writer, scholar and all around great friend to me.  He has schooled me in the business of music and every time I need an honest answer, I know I can count on him.  So I moved to Nashville again in ’99 to start “DSR” and worked in a few jobs.  Bongo Java, Staples, Pizza Hut to name the few.

Dan put together a team of pros to produce a session on me and try to get me the deal.  I can tell you, once you’ve cut records with guys like these, you’ll be jaded forever.  After a year of people saying no to us, the team finished the album “DSR” for me and we’ve sold around 5000 copies to date.  After the production team had moved on and gave up on trying for a major deal, I was working at Staples in Nashville at the time; I guess it was ’03.  I kept running into one of the musicians from the album named Mike Brignardello.  He and I hit it off and began writing and producing tracks to take another swing at a deal.  Now keep in mind this is six years ago and we got so much accomplished in those four or five years yet we’ve never got to put out an album or CD.  You can only imagine how frustrating that has been for both of us.  We have recordings that are still on the shelf and I still plan on getting them out there for you people to have. 

Back to the story,

So it’s ’03, I’m in Baton Rouge one night hanging with B man and we go to see Bubba Plauche play at this hole and I meet Elizabeth and I’m beside myself.  I never worked so hard to get a girl in my life.   She was so hot and ALL I could think of was yea!!!!  She even went out on a date and I waited for her at her brother’s apt.  That’s ok, two nights later we’re kissin in front of her date that she had left to come meet me at a bar.  The next year, I moved back to BR to be close to her.  Next thing you know it’s 2006 and we were just married and pregnant with Bailey.  I’d been playin all over the state and making trips back and forth to Nashville to write and work with Mike.  I was right in the middle of a writing session with a friend of mine named Ronnie Calhoun when I got a call from Billy Block, a promoter in Nashville.  He told me that he was hosting a private audition for Nashville Star in Houston and he swore I was perfect for the show.  Course I know he probably says that to everyone.   Audition day came and we headed to Houston, me, Mom and Dad.  That was in September and Bailey was due to come in October so Libby couldn’t come to either auditions which really sucked for her, but she was there in spirit throwin them spirit fingers up>>>>>>

I met Kasey Musgraves and a young singer named Buck who passed away right after that.  I sang for Jeff Boggs, Trevor O’Neal & Jon Small that night and I thank God everyday they believed in me.  Did the audition in Nashville in November and found out I made the show while I was in a booth at Champs Grill in BR.  I’ll never forget the day and the excitement that came over me.  It was like a dream came true.  And in a way it did.  I remember Jeff called me and of course I started crying and freaking out.   The girls were in the bathroom changing Bailey and when they came out I was jumping up and down like a monkey on the seat.  People didn’t know what to think…


More to follow tomorrow…


Thanks for reading,



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